Course Curriculum

Video tutorials and PDF instructions on every aspect of setting up and running a career coaching business.

  • 2

    Operations & Lead Generation

    • Tools & Technology

    • Lead Generation

    • LinkedIn Automation - Part 1

    • LinkedIn Automation - Part 2

  • 3


    • Pricing

    • Program Structure

    • The Enrollment Process

    • Getting a Commitment

    • Key Selling Points

    • Enrollment Tips

  • 4


    • How to Deliver Results

    • Creating Accountability for Your Clients Part 1

    • Creating Accountability for Your Clients Part 2

    • Helping Your Client Craft Their Story and Resume

    • Supporting Your Client’s Networking Efforts

    • Guiding Your Clients through Choosing a Career Part 1

    • Guiding Your Clients through Choosing a Career Part 2

    • How to Coach Part 1: Listening & Questioning

    • How to Coach Part 2: Communication Strategies

    • How to Coach Part 3: Tuning-In to Your Clients

    • How to Coach Part 4: Leading the Conversation

    • Final Thoughts

  • 5

    Branding & Marketing

    • Creating Your Professional Brand

    • Content Creation

    • Website

  • 6

    Growing Into Your Role

    • Personal Development

    • Entrepreneurship

Comprehensive Support

By enrolling in this course you are going to receive everything that you need to be successful in launching your new business.

  • Escape the Grind: Online Job Search Course

    Receive access to the comprehensive job search course that details every strategy and tactic that you will need to be a world-class career coach.

  • Play to Win: Personal Development Online Course

    Receive access to a course that will teach you all of the success principles that you will need to facilitate both your own and your client's success.

  • A Direct Line of Communication With Adam

    To make sure that all of your questions get answered you will be receiving access to Voxer for four months. With this you'll be able to send a text or audio message to Adam for a response within 24 hours M-F.


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