Course Curriculum

Video tutorials and PDF instructions on every aspect of setting up and running a career coaching business.

  • 2

    Operations & Lead Generation

    • Tools & Technology

    • Lead Generation

    • LinkedIn Automation - Part 1

    • LinkedIn Automation - Part 2

  • 3


    • Pricing

    • Program Structure

    • The Enrollment Process

    • Getting a Commitment

    • Key Selling Points

    • Enrollment Tips

  • 4


    • How to Deliver Results

    • Creating Accountability for Your Clients Part 1

    • Creating Accountability for Your Clients Part 2

    • Helping Your Client Craft Their Story and Resume

    • Supporting Your Client’s Networking Efforts

    • Guiding Your Clients through Choosing a Career Part 1

    • Guiding Your Clients through Choosing a Career Part 2

    • How to Coach Part 1: Listening & Questioning

    • How to Coach Part 2: Communication Strategies

    • How to Coach Part 3: Tuning-In to Your Clients

    • How to Coach Part 4: Leading the Conversation

    • Final Thoughts

  • 5

    Branding & Marketing

    • Creating Your Professional Brand

    • Content Creation

    • Website

  • 6

    Growing Into Your Role

    • Personal Development

    • Entrepreneurship

Comprehensive Instruction

By enrolling in this course you are going to receive everything that you need to be successful in launching your new business.

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  • Play to Win: Personal Development Online Course

    Receive access to a course that will teach you all of the success principles that you will need to facilitate both your own and your client's success.


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